Our Tiny House Tour

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Ever wondered what it would look like for a family of 5 to live in a tiny space? Today I’m sharing a tour of our current tiny home!

Tiny House Tour

Our Tiny House Tour

We’ve been living in our new home for several months now but it’s taken me quite a while to get this tour posted. You will see why below…fair warning…this post is long!

A while back I posted a little bit about our camper and some of the “before we moved in” pictures. If you missed that post, you will want to go back here and read it first.

Our New Home – Before Tour

And if you aren’t sure just why we are living in an RV right now, feel free to check out our ministry blog here.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer like I said, this post is going to be long enough the way it is! Without further ado…here’s a tour of our current tiny home.

Here’s the original floorplan for some reference of how the inside is laid out.

Here’s the view towards the upstairs right as you walk inside. The large cabinet to the right is a coat closet. I love having this! We each have 1-2 light jackets and they all fit in there. The top cabinet is where I store tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels (we’ve chosen to not do cloth rags while we travel just because of the logistics of washing them). I bought this awesome Stair Basket which holds all of our shoes so they don’t have to stay outside or right in front of the door. You can also see our Berkey here. It’s a lifesaver…I’d never travel without it!

As you head up the stairs, you will see this space. The door hiding behind my “hanging office” goes to the kids room. To the right of that is the bathroom. Behind the first 2 cupboard doors you will find my husband and my clothing as well as our laundry basket. Behind the other 2 doors is my washer/dryer combo. When we have full hookups it’s very handy to have!

As you head into this hallway, if you were to turn around and go back down the stairs, you will see this wall. It used to have a large mirror and now it holds a map of our travels and a bulletin board where we put up school projects, notes, and anything else we want to remember.

Turn just a bit more and you can see the stairs going back down to the main part of the camper and to the outside door. You can see how my Berkey is tucked nicely next to the stairs so it’s not sticking out and in the way.

If we head back downstairs, you will find the dining room table. Having a real table and chairs instead of a dinette was a requirement for me. We love this table! It has a little drawer on one end (we use it to store pens, tape, scissors, etc) and the other end extends out to make the table longer. We store our fold-up high chair (from Ikea) behind one of the chairs so it only has to be out at meal times. Plus each of the chair seats lifts up and has storage underneath. We have all of our card and board games in those! In the storage above the table we have a box for extra batteries, a box for random electric things and cords, a box of home therapy tools for the kids, and a small totes with toys. (Duplo Legos & Playdough)

Moving along you will find our bedroom/living room/office/toy room. The futon folds down and makes into our main bed. We removed both of the chairs (and the couch thing) that the camper came with and put in that futon, a chair from our home, and a small desk from Ikea. In the storage above this area we have a large amount of books and several more small totes with toys. (Wedgits Set, Schleich Animals, and a Playmobile Farm Set) I also have some mailing supplies up there as well.

Here you can see the desk a little better. The ottoman underneath I use for a chair and it also opens up to hold all of the baby’s little toys. We keep the Activity Cube in the camper for her as well. I’ve had that through 3 children and it still hasn’t lost its fun factor! You can see here that we put up some blackout shades over the large window in the living room. It gets HOT in there. In the storage in this area I have my slow cooker and a soft side lunch bag for day trips.

This single toy has provided the most entertainment for all 3 of our children, it’s stood the test of time! It’s not about having the most toys, it’s about have a few, well-selected toys that will keep the littles busy for a long time.

Here’s the rest of the living room. Our camper has a fireplace! (So nice for chilly mornings). It also has a tv that pops up from behind the fireplace. I LOVE that we can have no tv at all or we can get it out if it’s rainy and we want to watch a movie. I very mush dislike campers with massive tvs that you can’t get away from. Next to the fireplace we store our movies and music cds (and more books!). I don’t have anything in the upper cabinets. You can see my little mini garden on top of the fireplace.

If we continue along the fireplace wall we will run right into the kitchen. Having a good kitchen was very important to me when we picked out this RV since we love to cook with fresh foods. Many larger rvs now have a double fridge but this one only has a single. It’s not ideal but we make it work. I do have more than enough food storage space in the kitchen cupboards as you can see here! The white thing in the front of the pic is our trash can.

Here’s my much-used oven and stove top. I keep a large cutting board right on top of it for extra counter space when I need it but it’s easily removed when I’m cooking. My knives are held up with a Magnetic Strip. Yes, I have too many and need to pare them down! I also keep my spices up on the wall with Magnetic Spice Containers. I wasn’t sure if I would like them but I do!

Here’s the rest of the kitchen countertop and the sink. It’s a double sink but I keep one side closed off because I never use it and I’d rather have the counter space. The big cabinet on the wall holds all of our baking goods, plates, cups, etc. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the pictures (purple) on the walls. I let the boys create new drawings whenever they’d like and then when hang them up for our “art”. It makes it very homey in here and it’s also an inexpensive way to decorate! I keep my cleaning supplies under the sink.

A closeup of the area. I have a basket on the wall that we use for fresh produce that doesn’t go in the fridge. This is great for keeping it off the counters and so it doesn’t roll around when we travel. The bottom cupboard that you can see here holds our open snacks and some baking bowls, random cooking tools, etc.

One more pic of the kitchen so you can see a bit more of the storage. These are 2 pull-out pantries that add a lot of extra space in here! I like to use them to hold some of our “quick” food for traveling and day trips.

My least favorite part of the RV, the bathroom. This was not my favorite bathroom layout. It’s not the worst I’ve ever seen but it’s pretty close. This is looking in from the big hallway. The door doesn’t open any further because the shower is right behind it. All of our bathroom things fit easily inside the cabinet in here.

This is looking into the bathroom from the door that opens into the bedroom. We added extra hooks so we can all hang up our towels and you can also see the shower. I do like that there is a pocket door on this side, it’s makes much more sense!

The shower, which is actually bigger than it looks. It also has something of a tub at the bottom which works well for cleaning the baby. At least this tiny home has lots of light!

Now into the bedroom or the bunkroom as we call it! This room is really hard to photograph so hopefully it will make sense. We removed the queen bed and sidetables and built a bunk bed (full twin size beds!) and still had room for the baby’s crib (which you can’t see in this pic). We wanted to build these bunks next to the wall but all of the pipes for the washing mashine are on the floor in here so it had to stick out. It’s not spacious but it works for us! Behind the mirror is all of our “hang-up clothes”. There is also a plastic drawer thing that contains our art and craft supplies.

And this cupboard contains all of the kid’s clothes, all our swim gear, and a small amount of cold weather clothing. If you want to spy in my clothes cupboards (it’s ok, I know you want to!) you can read this post — How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe.

Next to the beds is a dresser and here you can see the path back into the bathroom. It looks tighter than it is. I also found those cute lantern lights at Target. I love that they are battery powered! There is a tv in here but we’ve never used it.

Here’s the dresser and another shelf unit. The dresser holds all 5 of our underclothes. The shelf unit is for all of our school books.

One more cupboard up here in the bedroom. I didn’t need it for clothes so we use it as our “Costco cupboard”. Anything too large to fit in the kitchen hangs out in here. The bottom two bins contain extra blankets and sheets.

And that’s our tiny house! It may not look like much but it’s cozy and for now we call it home while we are traveling. And yes, it really does look like what the pictures show most of the time. When we travel you just don’t care to put things on and off the countertops all of the time so you either don’t keep it there or you don’t keep it at all. Months ago we Got Rid of 75% of Our Stuff and I’m still getting rid of more all of the time. Living small helps you define what you really need and what you really want to keep around you.

I hope you enjoyed this tour and if this lifestyle is something you are considering (even for a short amount of time), let me know if I can answer any questions for you!

And congratulations..you made it to the end of this very long post!

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  1. I loved the tour. Thank you for sharing. I am longing for a minimalist life. I have a strange question though. How tall are the ceilings? I am only 4`9 but my husband is 6’4… I would love to sell our place.

  2. Dear Merissa, You are very organized and would make the women of long ago in your family, very proud. I shall read your article on how to downsize as my husband and I are much too attached to “things” we don’t even use. Too much stuff. Your clothing list sounds just like what we need to pat down our dressers. We are currently staying in our trailer for the summer while our belongings are in storage. We hope to be in a one bedroom apartment, here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada by the early winter. Your experiences contain such a wealth of knowledge and I will be “devouring” your articles. Wishing you are your precious family much good cheer. Sincerely, Virginia.

  3. I love your tiny home. You have found some very ingenious ways to save/make space. I love how you made it to suit your families styles. I’m looking to live in a tiny home but looking into a container home. Good luck.

  4. This was a great post. When you said family of 5… I was shocked. where have I been? didn’t know you got a little girl. so happy for you.

  5. Thank you for posting this tour of your home! While we are in a different season of life now (the last of 5 has graduated HS) we did recently have to move to a new state, and into a MUCH smaller space. It was painful for me to re-home most of my things. Even now most of my hobbies, family treasures and books are still boxed in the garage. Seeing how logically organized and functional your home is gave me some ideas for space management and more importantly, hope for making it work! Thank you!

  6. We are looking to possibly doing something like this until we could afford to build a house. If you don’t mind me asking how much was the RV? Just trying to get an idea of what we would be looking at as far as cost goes. Thanks Marissa!

    1. I believe we ended up paying $33k. Montanas are a more expensive camper (better interior quality) and they hold their value well. They are plenty of cheaper options available if you consider renovating the inside.

  7. Merissa this tour was awesome! How exciting for you guys! It was great to see how you utilize your space in the RV.

    When we decided to jump into the journey of homesteading and living a simpler life ( big thanks to your site ), we had planned to buy bare land, live in an RV and build a home. Well, we were actually able to find a decent ( fixer upper ) for a good price on 5 acres and we went for it! It is definitely a big down size from our last home and sometimes I get really frustrated with the lack of closets or room/space, but your post was inspiring. I try to utilize every inch of space we have and make it work too… maybe we need to get rid of more things haha? Right now we are just trying to focus on getting the house finished ( remodeling ) and then we are going to dive into more homesteading goodness. So far we have chickens and goats and my 3 kiddos LOVE living on land. What a wonderful place to raise children in this day and age! Thanks again.

    1. That’s wonderful! Had there been a cheap fixer upper in the area we want to move in we would have done the renovation thing again but unfortunately it’s such a popular place that even the yucky houses are expensive! I’m looking forward to building someday though.

  8. Oh wow! I grew up living the summers in a camper. You’ve got everything you need. We could so live in this camper. When you talked about moving to a camper, i thought “what are they thinking?!! But oh the world is your home.

    1. Yes! We know it looks a little crazy (maybe a lot crazy) to many, but for us…we aren’t tied down, we have no debt, and right now we are following where we are led to go. Besides, we spend 75% of our day outside! It’s been great 🙂

  9. Dear Merissa — I can’t recall how I found you on the internet, but I am so thankful! Your ideas, recipes, stories (loving the S.D. memoirs), and faith are such an inspiration to this 65+ “young’un.” 🙂 I live in what most people would consider a rather small space (’79 815 sq ft mobile home) but when I read in magazines that 1600 sq ft is considered “small” these days, I’m thinking we could all use some restructuring of our priorities — and possessions! I aspire to a minimalist lifestyle, but am constantly surprised that I can make two major donations (and other smaller ones) to local charities, thrift stores, and missions each year. Does this stuff breed, or what?? Prayers for God’s richest blessings on you, your family, and your ministry <3

    1. It is crazy how things accumulate, isn’t it? We’ve been researching floor plans for our “someday house” and they have up to 2200 square feet in the small category! Not quite what I would think of as small (unless you had an extra large family).

  10. I don’t know if they still create many small homes where you are planning to live, Merissa. We live in a 1970’s , 1000 sq. foot ranch in PA. They are quite a few of these for sale in this area. Also, they are just now starting to build a few new ranch type homes in this area. I guess demand is calling for it and builders and townships are waking up to people who want less “house”.

  11. What a lovely tour! You have all you need and all you love tucked into one beautiful place! I enjoyed the tour and also the link to your ministry page where I enjoyed several of those posts! You are a precious family with all your priorities where they belong, may God continue to richly bless you.

  12. Loved the tour !! My husband and I are on the opposite side of life.. where we are much older and maybe would like to travel and carry our “house” with us! Big decisions.

  13. Hi
    Love your stories,recipies nice camper
    I went threw bad divorce was homeless except for my 24 ft single camper i lived in and survived during the winter in Utah but it wasnt as nice as yours
    If there is a will there is a way. ?