Saving Money


Step one in learning how to save money is learning how to spend your money! Saving money on groceries and on your household expenses is an easy way to cut expenses from your overall budget.

Saving Money on Your Household

Save on Back to School Supplies
Beat the Summer Heat for Less
Recipes for Homemade Cleaners
Rummage Sales 101
Saving Money on your Dryer
Thrifty Pets
75 Uses for Baking Soda
Grapefruit Bathroom Cleaner
Budget Landscaping
Sewing on a Budget
Save Even More on Your Electricity Bills
12 Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills
35 Easy Frugal Budgeting Tune Ups
10 Ways to Save Money (That You Might Not Have Thought Of!)
Cheap Canning Supplies
5 Ways to Conserve Energy
Saving Money in the Fall
Frugality vs Minimalism
Frugal Laundry Strategies
Depression Era Frugal Laundry Tips

Saving Money on Groceries

Organic on a Budget
Eating on a Budget on Vacation
How to Shop at a Discount Grocery Store
Using Coupons on Organics
Price Point List
Ways to Make Your Produce Last Longer
How to Re-Grow Store Bought Veggies
Healthy Foods on a Budget
How to Make Produce Last When You Shop Once a Month
Cheap Meals to Make When You’re at the End of Your Budget
How Condiments and Spices Can Save Money
Simple and Healthy Snack Ideas Under $1
Money Saving Meals With Dried Beans
Quick Tips on Reducing Food Costs
If You Can Shop for Groceries You Can Order from a Bulk Co-op
12 Simple Ways to Save on Groceries
Ordering Food and Household Goods Online
3 Frugal Lunch Ideas
Food Allergies on a Budget
7 Frugal Dessert Recipes
Washing Produce the Frugal Way
Cheapest Groceries Shopping List


No Shopping Pact
When a Deal isn’t Really a Deal
Prepping for Higher Prices
Making an Emergency Fund
How to Determine if You Are Living Beyond Your Means
Irregular Income Budgeting Chart (Free Printable)
Budgeting for a New Baby
Budgeting for Dummies
Envelope System Budgeting
Household Budgeting Tips
The Spending Initiative – A Unique Way to Control Spending

Living a Thrifty Lifestyle

Take a Deep Breath, and Save Money
Money in a Jar
How to Barter
Being Thankful for What You Have
No Television
Learning to Barter
Hanging Clothes
How to Have a Successful Garage Sale
The Keys to Good Negotiation
Organizing a Clothes Swap
Where to Buy Cheap Fabric
Tips for Shopping at Consignment Stores
Tips for Clothing Shopping at Rummage Sales
Frugal Women’s Clothing
Men’s Haircuts at Home
Cheap Cloth Diapers
Prepping on a Budget
Best Money Saving Tips (141 Tips!)
Affordable Health Care
Frugal Tips for Saving Money
Pros and Cons to Once a Month Freezer Cooking
Maintaining a Minimalistic Wardrobe
How to Minimalize Children’s Clothing
5 Simple Ways of Treating Yourself on a Budget
Simple Tips for Saving Money in the Fall
Simple Tips for Living on Next to Nothing
50 Simple Ways to Save Money
50 Frugal Living Tips Our Grandparents Knew

Saving Money in the Kitchen

Potato Uses For
Stretch a Roast
Saving on Peanut Butter
Reusing Ziploc Bags
Making Larger Kitchen Purchases
Buying Produce Frugally and Eating Healthy through the Winter
Wasting Food
Saving Money Washing Dishes
Cooking Dried Beans
Planning a Baking Day
Why We Fail at Meal Planning
Does Buying a Whole Chicken Save Money?
Waste Not Want Not
Frugal Recipes
Meals for Under 1
Garbage Soup
Frugal and Easy Cooking Substitution Solutions
Finding Cheap Canning Supplies
Cooking With What You Have: Challenging Yourself to Eat Down the Pantry
Frugal Cooking Tips from the Great Depression

Money Saving Shopping Tips

Making the Most of the Farmer’s Market
5 Ways to Save Money Shopping Local
Why I’ve Been Shopping on Amazon
Useful Finds from Antique Stores
Homesteading Supplies
10 Ways to Save on Used Clothes When You Shop Online

Saving Money on Holidays

Creating a Holiday Budget
Holiday Time
Simple Christmas Family Gift Exchange Ideas
Cheap Wedding Food Ideas

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Reuse Your Plastic Water Bottles (5 Ideas)
Ways to Reuse Everyday Objects

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