DIY Sugar Honey Scrub Recipe

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Are you still looking for a homemade gift idea? This Homemade Sugar Honey Scrub is a wonderful gift and it can be put together quickly with ingredients from your pantry, perfect for last-minute gifts!

Are you still looking for a homemade gift idea? This Homemade Sugar Honey Scrub is a wonderful gift and it can be put together quickly with ingredients from your pantry, perfect for last-minute gifts! #homemadebodyscrub #sugarscrub #sugarhoneyscrub #honeyscrub #diy #diybeauty 

Sugar and Honey Scrub

Check out this guest post from Amanda today! ~ Merissa

This year we are having a handmade Christmas. This idea came around for a few reasons.

  1. Love. I want every gift I give to be full of love. When I take the time to make something for someone I really have to think about what this person is going to want and use which results in a much more thoughtful gift.
  2. To support our economy. Shopping local is great for the economy. What is more local than buying these goods locally and making them into something great to share?
  3. Finances. Let’s be honest, people spend way too much on Christmas presents. We like to keep it simple, focused on others, and save our money for when we need it.

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This sugar scrub is beautiful. It smells divine with the boost of energy you will need for those long, cold winter days. The sugar in it is exfoliating and encourages the growth of new skin cells and actually helps the skin look younger, while the honey helps hydrate the skin and seals the moisture into the skin instead of letting it escape from the pores. The olive oil is high in vitamin E, which is a key nutrient for skin. It will help your skin look and feel more supple and help moisturize and nourish dry winter skin.

I used Peppermint Oil and Wild Orange Essential Oils in this scrub, both are invigorating. Peppermint encourages blood flow and gets the body moving. They are also both uplifting and help lighten the mood and bring joy to the dark winter days.

–Learn more about the benefits of Peppermint Oil – 25 Uses for Peppermint Oil In and Around Your Home.

DIY Sugar Honey Scrub Recipe

What You Need:

–Find more Orange Oil Uses for Home and Beauty.

What To Do:

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. It will be a clumpy, grainy consistency. If it is runny, you can add a little more sugar by the tablespoon until you have the right consistency.

Place the mixture in a jar. I like the small jam sized mason jars. Decorate as you choose. If giving as a gift, you may want to tie a ribbon around the jar or add a cute little gift tag.

–You can use these Free Printable Canning Jar Labels to label your DIY Sugar Scrub.

 You’re gift is done! It is that simple!

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What are your favorite additions to DIY Sugar Scrubs? What homemade gifts are you making this year?

Amanda is the mother of two wonderful little ones, a wife, and owner of the Natural Living Mamma blog. She is passionate about non-toxic, eco-friendly, back to basic, natural living and loves to share her journey with others.

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This Sugar Honey Scrub recipe was originally published on Little House Living in December 2012. It has been updated as of December 2019.

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  1. I made this before I even saw your site ! The other recipe called for just sugar and a bit of honey and it was a face scrub. I will try this when my batch runs out though!!!

  2. Can you use brown sugar with this? I have all the other ingredients, just no can sugar! Help!! It’s 3 days before Christmas and I need to make up Ladies gifts!

  3. Good evening, I was just wondering about essential oils. I am looking to start using them for various uses such as cleaners, mosquito repellant, stress relief, antimicrobial, etc…was wondering if you have found a place that you love to get them from. I am looking for the product to be cost effective. I am not looking to spend a bunch of money. Thank you-Amanda Dietz

        1. It should be stored in any cool, dry place. Usually inside a cupboard is good. It will last a few months depending on it you add any additional ingredients to it or if you get any water in the jar.

  4. I have enjoyed your site and look forward to reading more. Question – exactly what is RAW honey? Can honey purchased at a grocery store work for the face scrub? Thank you

    1. Raw honey is the unprocessed version of honey. It’s usually a little different color and more creamy than regular honey. You may be able to purchase it from a grocery store or directly from a beekeeper. I order mine from Tropical Traditions.