Time to Yourself DIY Gift Idea

Do you know someone who could use a Treat Yourself Gift Basket? Learn how to easily put together the perfect homemade gift for a new mom, or just an overworked friend!

Do you know someone who could use a Treat Yourself Gift Basket? Learn how to easily put together the perfect homemade gift for a new mom, or just an overworked friend! #treatyourself #giftbasket #diygiftbasket #timetoyourself #frugalgift #homemadegift

Treat Yourself Gift Basket

Do you know a mom friend or someone else that could use a little more time to herself? When one of my friends has a new baby, instead of just taking over a meal I like to put a little something extra together. That usually turns into this Treat Yourself Gift Basket!

These are easy little gifts that the mom or even just an overworked friend can use to help her relax and have a little extra time to herself! The best part is that most of these gifts in the basket can either be purchased inexpensively or easily made at home. This gift basket can be together for around $15 – $20, depending on what you decide to put in it.

Relaxing Gift Ideas for the Overworked

Here are some things that I would put in a gift basket for someone needing some relaxing time. Make sure to share in the comments other things that you could put in the basket!

Chocolate – This stress-relieving snack is perfect for every basket! Pick up some of their favorite candy bars or make some Easy Homemade Cake Truffles or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls to add to your gift!

–If you’re looking for a sweet and salty combo, add some of this Caramel Chocolate Popcorn to your basket!

Body Scrub – Add in a Simple Body Scrub or some Fizzy Bath Balls for a homemade spa experience.

–Add to the spa experience with this Soothing Lavender Eye Pillow Pattern.

Pedicure– Pedicures are so relaxing but it can be hard to get away for one if you’re always busy. Add in a few pedicure items (maybe a nail file and your favorite polish) along with some Homemade Foot Scrubs and Peppermint Foot Cream to refresh tired feet at home.

Lotion – Add in one of my favorite simple lotions, this Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion or choose a relaxing, Dried Lavender Body Lotion to add to your gift.

–Looking for more lotion ideas? Check out these Easy Homemade Lotion Recipes.

Candles – Lighting a beautiful, warm scented candle is the perfect way to relax in the evening. You can include some homemade beeswax candles, soy candles or even olive oil candles

— For a special touch, make your candles in an adorable teacup like these Homemade Teacup Candles.

Book – Everyone loves to get lost in a book, pick up one from the store or get a gift card for Kindle books so they can pick out their own. Or grab a few of your favorites that you think your friend will love off of your shelf and give them to her!

–My book, Little House Living: The Make Your Own Guide to a Simple, Frugal, and Self Sufficient Life is a perfect gift for someone wanting to start living simpler.

Magazine Subscription  – Include a little card telling her that you signed her up for the magazine. Use coupon code LITTLEHOUSE to save 20% on most Discount Mags magazines.

Drinks – Add a little something warm to sip on in your gift basket. A gift card for their favorite coffee, some Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix Homemade Cappuccino Mix, or  Strawberry Apple Tea.

–If your friend is a coffee lover, this Homemade Coffee Body Scrub Recipe would make a great addition to your basket!

Dinner – ok, this one kind of breaks the rules because everyone else can enjoy it too, but not having to make dinner for a family can be a real treat so I’m including it on the list. Take care of dinner by including a meal, gift card or sending an easy meal in a jar Homemade Pasta Fagioli Soup Mix they can whip up in no time.

–If you don’t want to send dinner, maybe an easy breakfast idea would be a treat for them. Send some Homemade Muffin Mix Recipe or Simple Scone Mix Recipe.

Coupons – A coupon for a free night of babysitting or a girls’ night out dinner may be just what the doctor ordered!

That should be enough ideas to get you started. Basically, anything that your friend can use for herself and can’t share with anyone else would be a great fit for the basket. You can make it as big or small as you like. Get creative and don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money on it, your friend will be so honored just to know that you are thinking of her and wanted to give her a little time to herself.

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Find even more homemade gift ideas!

What else could you include in a Time to Treat Yourself Gift Basket?

This Treat Yourself Gift Basket was originally published on Little House Living in November 2012. It has been updated as of November 2019.

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  1. I made a fall gift basket with pumpkin body lotion. Cozy Sox. Hot Apple cider packages. A mug with fall leaves on it. A cozy blanket. Caramel cake. Etc Things that represent fall. My friend loved it.