25 Easy to Make Desserts

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Desserts…the best part of the meal but often left off so we don’t have to take the extra time to make them. We focus on the main dish, and then the side dishes, and then start to think about desserts and get caught up in a daydream of yummy treats when we realize it’s now supper time and we don’t have the time to make anything.

I personally love a good dessert. I usually have to have at least 1 dessert in my fridge at all times so I can grab a slice or a piece when the mood hits me. You know that feeling when you are craving chocolate and nothing else will do? Yes, I get that a lot! Below is a great list of yummy and easy to make desserts from my blogging friends. Pin the list for later when you need some dessert inspiration! What recipe are you going to try first?

1. Black Berry Froyo
2. Homemade Gelatin
3. Frugal Cookies
4. Salted Watermelon Slushie
5. Easy Honey Candy
6. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie
7. Streusel Topped Coffee Cake
8. 5 Minute Mango Ice Cream

9. Vanilla Cupcakes
10. Homemade Chocolate Pudding
11. Soft and Chewy Chocolate Drop Cookies
12. Coconut Black Bean Brownies
13. Peach Cobbler
14. Chocolate Covered Coconut Bites

15. Zucchini Brownies
16. Almond Pulp Freezer Fudge
17. Peanut Butter Bars
18. Whole Wheat Snickerdoodle Bars
19. Quinoa Pumpkin Muffins
20. Quick Strawberry Ice Cream

21. Frugal Homemade Ice Cream
22. Rhubarb Ice Cream
23. Fruit Pizza
24. Flourless Chocolate and Red Wine Torte
25. Simple Cheesecake Recipe

Not only are these recipes easy, they are from scratch and use non-processed ingredients! Does that mean dessert can be healthy? Well…kinda!

What are your favorite easy to make desserts? Do you have a go-to dessert?


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  1. I usually have more than one dessert in my fridge too! Thanks for including my BlackBerry FroYo 🙂

  2. What a great list, Merissa! I’m totally pinning this. Thanks for including a few of my recipes! 🙂

  3. This is such an awesome list of goodies! I am looking forward to trying some of them. Glad you gathered them and shared them.