45+ Free Simple Sewing Patterns

In search of some new (and useful) projects to work on in the evenings or in the winter months? If you like sewing, then check out this list of free simple sewing patterns. Then fire up your sewing machine and start creating!

Free Simple Sewing Patterns

New to sewing? Check out my 7 Sewing Must-Haves List before you get started!

Patterns seem to be going up and up in price all the time at the store and it hardly makes it worth it to pay for the pattern, pay for the fabric, and take the time to make the project. But if you can get a pattern for free you’ll save about half the cost of the project.

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So I’ve put together this list of free sewing patterns and tutorials for women, babies & kids, home decor, and other various accessories. These blog posts include instructions, printable patterns, and patterns that are great for the beginner sewer!

Not only are these fun projects to make for your family, but they can also make great gifts if you are looking for something special that comes from the heart. Many of these would also be a great project or first sewing projects for the younger generations that would like to learn how to sew.

Which of these projects do you think you will make first?

Free Simple Sewing Patterns

Free Simple Sewing Patterns For Women

Here are 20 free sewing patterns for women’s clothing and personal items. Free sewing patterns for everything from the classic little black dress to comfortable leggings for everyday wear, infinity scarves to clutches and bags!

Wrap Dress Sewing Pattern

Simple Dress Sewing Patterns

Wear Everywhere Knit Dress Pattern – So Sew Easy

Made for knit fabrics with a moderate stretch, this dress has just two pattern pieces, the sleeves are already built in and its easy to fit to your shape. A perfect beginner sewing pattern. Plus – this dress is so versatile – dress it up, dress it down, dress it smart or casual. It all depends on your fabric choices and accessories.

Little Black Dress Pattern – So Sew Easy

The instructions for this dress assume that you already have experience in sewing with non-stretch fabrics and making basic fitting adjustments necessary in any pattern to achieve a good personal fit. You should know how to sew an invisible zipper.

The Perfect Wrap Dress Pattern – So Sew Easy

The front has a cross-over bodice with pleats, there’s a straight skirt and an optional elastic waist, with a matching tie belt. Only the bodice wraps over leaving you safe from embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that can happen with wrap skirts.

Easy Summer Dress Pattern – So Sew Easy

This free pattern from So Sew Easy is an easy dress pattern for a great summer dress with option to shorten for a top. Made in just a few simple steps, I’ll hold your hand all the way with this one and show you some tips and tricks along to way to help you sew beautifully with knit fabrics.

DIY Maxi Skirt

Simple Bottoms Sewing Patterns

DIY Maxi Skirt Pattern – Little House Living

Are you looking for the perfect skirt? This free maxi skirt pattern is cute, comfortable, and such a nice project for a summer outfit.

Custom Fit Leggings Pattern – So Sew Easy

This tutorial will show you how to easily draft your own custom fit leggings pattern and my unique spreadsheet will make drawing your pattern easy. This is a quick and easy sew and once you have your pattern to keep, you can run up a new pair of leggings whenever you like in whatever fabric you like.

Sew a Custom Fit Skirt Pattern – So Sew Easy

This is a series that will show you everything you need to know about how to draft and sew your own custom fit fully lined skirt. From pattern making, to darts, to lining and hems, you can have a beautifully made skirt designed to fit you perfectly.

Custom Fir Pencil Skirt Pattern – So Sew Easy

Have you EVER owned a pencil skirt that fit you properly? I find the ready to wear either gape in the waist, or are too tight across the hip or thigh or the darts aren’t right. This tutorial will show you how to make one that will fit!

Knit Fabric Skirt Pattern – Little House Living

I love knit fabrics for many reasons but especially for making clothing, it’s so forgiving! Knit fabrics are perfect for making your own skirt patterns because even if something goes a bit wrong it will likely still be wearable. I used one yard of fabric for my knee length skirt. You may need more or less depending on the style of skirt that you choose.

Drape Top PAttern

Simple Top Sewing Patterns

Twist Front T-Shirt Pattern – So Sew Easy

It’s a halter top that can also be a dress if you’d like to extend it. Designed for knit fabrics, this top crosses over at the front and the little keyhole at the front gives an interesting look while still actually being modest with full high coverage.

Summer Drape Top Pattern – So Sew Easy

Designed for softly draping knit fabrics, this blouse is easy to make, flattering, cool and strappy, with tummy covering draping and a rounded hemline in the front. And I’ve made it with wide enough straps that you should be able to wear a bra with only minimal straps peaking through at the back.

Double Layer Chiffon Blouse Pattern – So Sew Easy

This tutorial is ideal if you want to make a simple blouse using a sheer fabric like chiffon or lace, with a lining. It includes full step by step instructions on how to make your own version of this blouse in your own size. It can also be used to make a single layer version if you are using a fabric that is not sheer.

Gathered Front Top Pattern – So Sew Easy

Easy to sew sleeveless top with princess seams front and back and a gathered front bodice on one side. Front panel is reversible so you can choose to have the gathers on either side, or make one of each! Sewn using an easy turn and sew method, suitable for beginners. For stretch knit fabrics only.

Infinity Scarf

Accessories & Miscellaneous Sewing Patterns

Infinity Scarf Pattern – Little House Living

Learn How to Make an Infinity Scarf with this simple DIY tutorial in under 20 minutes! Make your own beautiful, easy to wear scarf in your choice of colors and patterns.

“Make it Yours” Clutch Bag – So Sew Easy

Make the purse plain with some top stitching around the flap, add some piping, add decorations, ribbon, flowers or embroidery to the flap or body of the bag. Add internal pockets or a strap. It’s all up to you – make the bag and then Make it Yours with this free clutch bag pattern!

Easy Cosmetics Bag – So Sew Easy

The bag is simple, uses very little fabric (about 2/3rds of a fat quarter), has no fussy inside pockets (although you can add your own if you like), and takes me well less than 30 minutes to print the pattern, cut out and sew. But quick and simple doesn’t mean it’s not awesome!

Simple Scarf Sewing Tutorial – Purl Soho

Our Incredibly Simple Scarves start with some of our favorite fabrics and then, instead of tossing aside their selvage edges, we keep them as a pretty design detail. With just two simple hems, an expanse of beautiful cotton is transformed into your new favorite spring scarf, selvage and all!

Homemade Cloth Pads Tutorial and Pattern – Little House Living

Have you ever considered using cloth pads as a natural, reusable way to deal with your cycle? Here I’m sharing my simple tutorial and free pattern for making homemade Cloth Pads!

Dish Towel Apron Tutorial – Little House Living

This little Dish Towel Apron is a fun project to try if you need a new apron for yourself, or if you are looking to make a cute and inexpensive handmade gift for the upcoming holiday season.

Fold Up Market Totes Pattern – Purl Soho

Our Fold-Up Market Totes are super fun to sew. They are cleverly put together with only two pieces of fabric, four totally self-encased seams, and a nice cotton ribbon to tie the whole thing up.

Free Simple Sewing Patterns For Babies and Kids

Babies and kids grow out of their clothes so quickly that clothing new can easily cost a fortune. Likewise, spit-up, food, dirt and sticky hands mean that we always seem to need extra bibs, blankets and other accessories on hand while we wait for the wash. Save money and always have what you need on hand by sewing your own baby items and kid’s clothing with these 14 free sewing patterns for babies and kids.

Toddler Nightgown

Simple Sewing Patterns for Children’s Clothing

Simple Toddler Nightgown – Huckleberry Love

This is a simple pattern for your girly girl that loves to wear nightgowns to bed.

Knit Baby Leggings – Made By Rae

I love to make baby pants and leggings. I always have so many cute baby onesies hanging around that making tops seems fairly pointless, but pants? Leggings?? Bring it on.

Girl’s Upcycled Sweater Dress – It’s Always Autumn

Turning an adult sweater into a little girl’s dress is SO EASY you’ll end up doing it all the time once you start.

Baby Peasant Dress Pattern – Sew Much Ado

Doesn’t every baby girl need a dress that’s just as sweet as she is? Today I’m sharing this FREE Infant Peasant Dress pattern! I’ll teach you how to make a peasant dress for the tiniest of recipients, and it will be your new favorite project you’ll want to make again and again!

Frozen-Inspired “Elsa” Dress – Fun With Little Ones

This is a pictorial process on the making of the Frozen-inspired Princess Elsa dress, it is not a full tutorial but may give you an ideal how the dress is assembled. These steps may be useful reference if you intend to make one for your little precious too.

Summer Romper Pattern – Purl Soho

These Rompers are simple to make, fun to wear and so perfectly chic, I can’t imagine wanting to add anything else to the mix. Plus, the free pattern is available in seven sizes, from 2 to 11 years, and features adjustable straps and an elastic waist for a forgiving fit.

Baby Sling

Simple Sewing Patterns for Baby Accessories

Baby Sling Pattern – Little House Living

These baby slings are so easy to make! If you can sew a straight line, I promise you can make your own mesh wrap!

Receiving Blanket Pattern – Little House Living

Need a baby gift that you can make in a hurry? This simple tutorial will show you how to make a receiving blanket in about 10 minutes from start to finish. So simple!

Diaper Clutch Tutorial – Crazy Little Projects

I LOVE having a cute diaper clutch to grab when you need to do a diaper change or just to take in the car with you on quick errands and things. You can just grab it and do the diaper change-quick and easy. And also, they’re cute! These make a perfect baby shower gift idea. Here’s a simple to make Diaper Clutch Pattern:

Towel Bib Pattern – Little House Living

Towel Bibs are so convenient and they can be quick and simple to make as many as you need! You will love this Towel Baby Bib Pattern.

Baby Bow Tie Pattern – Lemon Squeeze Home

I love that bow ties are in style, because my boys look so adorable in them! They are really easy to make as well. The sizes for this bow tie should fit a boy about 4 and up. Adjust the bow smaller or larger depending on the size you need.

Kids Apron Sewing Pattern

Sewing Patterns for Children’s Accessories

Felt Bear Mask – Huckleberry Love

Not only did they cost about $1 each, but they were also fast and super easy. My kind of project! I turned these out during one nap time. And I think they are adorable!

Child’s Apron – Fleece Fun

This handy pattern comes in three sizes for a perfect fit. You can also make the skirt longer – great for Art and crafts. Also good special needs children that might need more coverage.

Butterfly Hair Bows Tutorial – Make It Love It

These little butterfly hair bows are a fun spin on fabric hair bows. They are easy and quick to make and take very little fabric. You can whip some up to match all your little ones spring dresses with just a couple fabric scraps!

Free Simple Sewing Patterns

Free Simple Sewing Patterns For the Home

If you’re looking for something unique for the home, why not make it instead? You can save a ton of money on home decor and other handmade items for the home by making them yourself. Here are 13 free sewing patterns for your home.

Quick & Easy Placemats Sewing Pattern – Little House Living

Are you looking for some simple, homemade table decor? Learn How to Sew Placemats in just a few minutes with this easy project and picture tutorial.

10-Minute Table Runner Sewing Pattern – Little House Living

Sometimes when sewing I end up buying just a little extra fabric for a project, a quarter or a third of a yard in case I make a mistake. Luckily I make sewing mistakes less and less these days and end up with these small pieces often left over, across the whole width of the fabric. They are too small to do much with, but their long and thin nature makes them perfect for a table runner.

DIY Cloth Napkins and Un-Paper Towels – Little House Living

Handmade Cloth Paper Towels are an easy, low-cost DIY project perfect to give as a gift this holiday season! They can be made in any fun print you desire, they save money by not having to buy paper napkins and paper towels at the store and they help you live a little greener by reducing the amount of paper you consume!

Padded Wine Bag – So Sew Easy

It’s that time of year when you might be taking a bottle of wine to a party or giving a nice bottle of wine or brandy to a neighbor for Christmas. But how to wrap it? This quick-to-sew padded wine bag pattern will protect the precious contents, and keep them cool on the way to dinner.

Homemade Hand Warmers – Little House Living

Are cold hands making you want to stay inside all winter long? Here is how to make your own reusable homemade Hand Warmers in just 5 minutes!

Homemade Heating Pad Cover – Little House Living

This project takes about 30 minutes, start to finish. I even made a nice little cover for mine so if it gets dirty I can just toss the cover in the wash. Another reason I love this project is because you can use fabric scraps!

Long Arm Oven Mitts – So Sew Easy

These aren’t your standard oven mitts (oven gloves if you are from the UK). I get fed up with burning my wrists on the upper shelf when I take things out of the oven, so these are drafted extra long in the arm to make sure your wrists and arms are protected too.

Super Easy Blanket Sewing Tutorial – Purl Soho

Looking for a quick sewing project that packs a colorful punch? Our new Super Easy Sewn Blanket for Beginners is it! Based on our always-popular knitted Super Easy Blanket, this sewn version captures the same modern elegance in six simple stripes.

Pillowcases Sewing Pattern – Purl Soho

Pillowcases have been my go-to project whenever I’m fond of a fabric, need a last minute gift (Mother’s Day!) or just want to spruce things up around the house.

All American Pillows – Fleece Fun

This free patriotic pillow pattern can set out all summer! You can make a great looking star shaped pillow that adds color and style to a room.

Clever Scissors Pouch – So Sew Easy

This is an easy scissors pouch pattern to help you never lose your scissors again.

Thankful Apron – Fleece Fun

This free apron pattern and tutorial includes a video tutorial! You can make a classic apron that is cute enough for hosting, but practical for everyday use.

Fabric Flowers Sewing Pattern – Little House Living

Need a simple little sewing project this week? These little fabric flowers can be made in about 5 minutes and there are so many things that you can do with them! Add them to clothing, hats, headbands, belts, or just about anything else you can think of.

So many patterns, so little time!

Learning to sew is a great way to customize your clothing and other items and save money too! While it does cost a little bit to get started (if you don’t yet have a sewing machine or any supplies), for me it’s been well worth the up-front investment and has saved me so much money in the long term.

If you’re new to sewing and just building your supplies, or if you just want to know what I use, here’s a list of sewing supplies I would never be without!

  1. A sewing machine  I use this Brother Computerized Sewing Machine. It’s not too fancy, but it still has enough bells and whistles (and different stitches) even for a more advanced seamstress.
  2. Fabric – There are so many beautiful fabrics out there that it’s often hard to choose! You can get fabric from your local fabric store or purchase it online.
  3. Fabric scissors – If you plan on sewing a lot, it’s important to have a good pair of fabric scissors that don’t get used for anything else. You can find the right ones to fit your needs here.
  4. Pins & pin cushion – Having some pins and a pincushion to keep them in is a must even for the beginner. They’re well worth the few dollars they cost!

To read more about the sewing supplies that I use, check out this post.

More Sewing Ideas and Free Patterns:

Which of these simple sewing projects will you try first?


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    1. I agree that the price of fabric is really expensive at the fabric stores. I do shop second hand stores for fabric remnants, though. I wanted to do some embroidered towels for Christmas. At two different second hand stores, I found the perfect cotton fabric. I got several yards at each place for just a couple dollars. Now I have enough to make lots of them for practically nothing each. Fabric for things like the market tote or cosmetics bag is easy to find, too. And if your lucky maybe even something for a blouse or skirt. Check it out. It’s totally worth a few minutes to check there first.

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