Little Sewing Projects You Can Do in Your Spare Time

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Need something to make? Here are some small sewing projects that you can make in less than an hour with very little fabric!

Need something to make? Here are some small sewing projects that you can make in less than an hour with very little fabric! #sewing #freepatterns #quicksewingprojects #underonehour #easysewing #beginnersewing

Small Sewing Projects In 1 Hour or Less

Are you looking for new projects to start in sewing, or maybe looking to get started? I wanted to share a list of little sewing projects that can be done in 1 hour or less. These are fun projects that don’t take a lot of time to create.

—You may want to start by learning how to sew on a budget. Great tips on how not to break the piggy bank with your hobbies!

There are so many free sewing patterns and free printable sewing patterns out there, waiting for you to grab them! If you use Pinterest that is a great place to find wonderful tutorials for pretty much anything you want to make as well. You can search for things like quick sewing projects, sewing for beginners, just get creative in finding exactly what you want. But for now, enjoy this list of one hour sewing projects!

Small Sewing Projects for the Kitchen

Small Sewing Projects

Easy Bag HolderIf you like to keep plastic bags you get at your local stores, then make this fun bag holder! It is very easy to make and saves a lot of room storing those bags.

–Here are some different Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Bags.

Small Sewing Projects

Oven Mitts – Learn how to make an oven mitt in under an hour with this easy tutorial. This project is great for using up some larger scrap pieces and makes a beautiful oven mitt that you can use in your kitchen or give as a gift! Get the free pattern at The Spruce Crafts.

Homemade Hand Towel

Hanging Hand Towel – If you have some extra fabric left over from your pot holder (above), why not make a matching kitchen towel? This is an easy project with this free pattern and a few simple items.

Small Sewing Projects

Tiered Ruffle Apron – This looks like it would be so complicated to make, but it is pretty simple to sew! I love the tiered ruffles, it really adds so much detail to the apron. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Learn how to make it at My 3 Monsters.

Small Sewing Projects

Quick and Easy Placemats – Looking for the perfect placemats and maybe you can’t find them at the store? Think about making your own, below is a very easy tutorial on how to create your one-of-a-kind mats!

–If you are looking to try a more advanced pattern, try these Easy Quilted Placemats.

Small Sewing Projects

Ten Minute Table Runner – This easy table runner is a great way to add a pop of color to your kitchen table. It can be made easily in about 10 minutes and is an easy project for beginners. I’m thinking this would be the perfect way to create a seasonal display for Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Valentines, or any special occasion. It only uses a small amount of fabric and a small amount of your time to create a big impact.


Small Sewing Projects for Clothing

Small Sewing Projects

Upcycle DIY Nightgown – Have an old shirt lying around? If so, think of creating a fun dress or nightgown for your child to wear! If you don’t have an old shirt think of looking for them at thrift stores or even garage sales.

—Find more Creative Ways to Start Repurposing T-Shirts.

Small Sewing Projects

Boot SocksHave a pair of tall boots that you want to spruce up? Check out these boot socks. They can really add a lot to your outfit and are very quick to make. Learn how to make them using an old sweater at Infarrantly Creative.

Small Sewing Projects

DIY Maxi Skirt Pattern I think Maxi skirts are so cute and a perfect skirt to wear for most of the year. Check out this easy tutorial on how to make your own Fold-over Maxi Skirt.

–Prefer a different type of skirt? Learn how to Make Your Own Skirt Pattern.

Small Sewing Projects

Infinity Scarf – I love scarves! This infinity scarf tutorial allows you to make your own scarf in all patterns and colors to go along with every outfit.

Small Sewing Projects for Babies

Small Sewing Projects

Baby Sling – Have a baby on the way or know someone who is expecting? If so think of making this baby sling to carry your baby in when you are trying to get things done around the home!

Small Sewing Projects

DIY Binky Clip – This is a must for any baby, binky clips can really save you! You don’t want your baby to drop their binky onto the floor and then have no way to wash it. This easily fastens to their clothes so you won’t lose it! Learn how to make this pacifier clip at Viva Veltoro.

How to Make a Baby Receiving Blanket in just 10 minutes!

Baby Receiving Blanket This baby receiving blanket is a must-have for any new mom! Learn how to easily sew one together for yourself or a gift in just 10 minutes with this free pattern.

Small Sewing Projects

1 Hour Triangle Baby Quilt – If you’re looking for a quick and adorable baby quilt, then check out this triangle quilt! Get sewing and have your finished product in an hour or less. Learn how at See Kate Sew

Small Sewing Projects

“Wipe away food from your babies mouth with these adorable baby bibs. You use a towel to make them, so they are soft and gentle on your babies skin.”

Little House Living: Towel Baby Bib

Other Small Sewing Projects to Make in Under an Hour

Small Sewing Projects

Keychain Chapstick Holder Make this super quick chapstick holder to hook on your keychain. No more digging through your purse to find your chapstick. With a few adjustments, this would also be great for an essential oil roller bottle too. Learn how to make one at Crazy Little Projects.

Small Sewing Projects

Quilted Coasters – These quilted coasters are a really fast and easy project. If you have some scraps left over from a project, consider using the fabric for coasters. Mix and match prints. Learn how to make them at the Seasoned Homemaker.

Small Sewing Projects

Pillow Beds – If you have little ones, consider making them these adorable pillow beds. These are great for movie night, slumber parties or cozy place to curl up and read a book. Learn how to make them at It’s Always Autumn.

Small Sewing Projects

Memory Game – Create a long-lasting memory game for your child to play with using fabric pieces. These are especially great for little hands because they can be easily washed if they put them in their mouths. Find out how to make them at Begin with B.

—For older kids, you might enjoy this Free Printable Memory Game and Preschool Lesson Plan.

Small Sewing Projects

Sunglasses Case – Have you ever had your favorite pair of sunglasses get scratched and ruined? Well, make this simple case to store your glasses in to protect them. Learn how at Crazy Little Projects.

Small Sewing Projects

15 Minute DIY Pillow Covers – These easy slip on pillow colors make it a cinch to change the accent colors in your room or decorate for holidays!

Small Sewing Projects

Soothing Lavender Eye Pillow – Sometimes it’s good to take a little break. Relax with this handmade soothing lavender eye pillow. They’re so easy, you can make one for you and all of your friends! Get started with this Free Pattern.

How to Sew Cloth Masks

Cloth Face Masks – Make your own cloth face mask with this easy picture tutorial.

Ready to get started on some more projects? Here are a few you might want to try next:

Do you have some favorite little sewing projects that you like to make with very little fabric or very little time?

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  1. All great projects! I should make a sun glass cases to protect my cheapy glasses! Visiting from Funtastic Friday party.

  2. I just learned how to sew mitered corners today. Now I want to make a set of mix-n-match napkins with small pieces of fabric.

  3. It’s very easy to make small stuffed toys out of scrap fabric as well. Draw a simple shape, use that as your sewing line. Pin 2 pieces of fabric together, sew all the way around your design except for a 1″ turning-and-stuffing hole. Trim around within 1/4″ of the sewing line, turn, stuff, and hand or machine sew the hole closed.

  4. These are all really great ideas. I just sewing four little projects today to use up some odd material. I smiled when I saw your post. Great stuff.

  5. Thanks, I have to get my sewing machine serviced, first. However, I am looking forward to sewing some small projects soon!

  6. Nice project ideas and turn into winner by making small small things can lead a big things really inspired….. like mugs and sewing machine……..

  7. Nice roundup of sewing projects. Thanks for sharing at the inspiration Spotlight party. Pinned & shared.

  8. I really wish I had a sewing machine (and knew how to sew!). There are so many projects I’d love to work on!

    1. May I suggest you visit local thrift stores? There’s usually an old machine tucked in the back. I confess I have a few.
      Test it first.
      Maybe post on facebook? I’m sure there’s someone who could show you the basics 🙂

  9. Thank you so very much for taking the time to post these great ideas! So very kind of you! God bless. ♥️